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I find every in character picture (in particular the Wanda-Doom set) you post with Silver to be deeply degrading of her. She is always made to look submissive, subservient and weak. Regardless of how "right" or "in character" you may claim to be getting it, they remain sexist and mysoginistic and it disturbs and disgusts me.

Well this was something I was not expecting. Interesting.

To begin, I don’t think costumed shenanigans should be indicative of the wearers themselves in any capacity. That just strikes me as odd if this is a personal remark against me or Silv or our relationship, which I assure you and our friends can assure you, is a loving and happy one. 

One of the other factors is it is extremely difficult to move in the Doom outfit, so to make our pictures less static, Silv does most of the movement. Her costume is obviously more freeing than mine. And if that strikes a nerve on female superheroes not being clothed enough, that’s not really something Silv and I should be targeted for, that is of course the artists of the subjects themselves.

Silver would never do anything she was not comfortable with. Blame the writers of the characters, I suppose? That’s just how they are. And we are dressed as those characters, so to give the full feel of them we pose as they would. If this makes you think it has something to do with me as a person or with her as a person, I’m sorry to hear that, but it’s what we do when dressed as those particular characters and is not indicative of our real life relationship in the slightest. If it still disturbs and disgusts you, I suppose you’ll just have to unfriend/unfollow/whatever other connection you have to us because we don’t intend to change it up.

Consider this picture:


Silver is still being the Scarlet Witch. She is clearly very dominant in this picture with her foot on our friend who cosplays Speed’s chest. She’s still being in character, just a different situation. And she and buckybird are best friends. So there is also that. Does this disturb and disgust you? Structurally, it’s the same scenario just reversed.

So at any rate, appreciate the reaction. Very interesting.

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